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Okay, you admit it: You're an Impatient Woman. Maybe you've planned your career and are now ready to start a family with the same organized, well-informed approach. Or maybe you've been trying to get pregnant for a few months already, which is enough to make any woman Impatient. Perhaps you're a little older and don't have time to be casual about your fertility. Maybe you want to have a baby at a certain time of year due to career commitments, travel plans, or spacing your children apart. Or – most common of all – you don't want getting pregnant to take so long that you start to worry about your fertility. You might want to get pregnant quickly just so you can stop driving your husband nuts.

When I was trying to conceive, I never found a book about getting pregnant that was fun to read, like talking to a girlfriend who knows a lot but also laughs a lot. Trying to get pregnant is not just medical – it’s also psychological, social, and sexual. It involves an enormous amount of emotion, from anxiety and despair to hope and joy. Instead of cuddling after sex, you now put pillows under your butt and sit with your legs in the air like an upturned insect. Two weeks later, you're squinting furiously at something you just peed on, praying for a second line to appear, and feeling despondent when it doesn’t.

Books and websites by (usually male) fertility doctors can tell you about the latest tests, but there's a lot missing. How many of them have woken their husbands for morning sex because they thought they were ovulating? How many nervously peed on a stick at 5am because they couldn't wait any longer, or cried uncontrollably when their period came? Trying to get pregnant is very emotional and stressful because ultimately, it’s out of our control. If you're an Impatient Woman, this is extremely difficult, even if you've only been trying for a few months. As a psychologist, I share coping strategies based on the latest research. As a woman who has gone through the stress of trying to get pregnant three times (four if you count my early miscarriage), I've also experienced the strong emotions that no amount of training can prepare you for.

You also deserve the most accurate information possible. When I was first trying to get pregnant, I read everything I could in books and online. I analyze data and write journal articles in my day job as a researcher, so I turned next to research studies published in medical journals. Over and over, I discovered that what I had found online, in books, and even on the instruction sheets for ovulation predictor kits was wrong, half wrong, or from a questionable source. Finding the real information based on actual studies helped me get pregnant naturally fairly quickly – three times -- despite being over 35 and having some fertility issues. Yet much of this scientifically rigorous and very helpful research isn’t available where most women can find it. In The Impatient Woman’s Guide, I share this exciting information with you.

Many fertility books cover only part of the story. They discuss the physical aspects of getting pregnant without mentioning the emotional ones, detail one method of ovulation prediction but leave out other methods, or go into exhausting detail about what to eat before trying to get pregnant but not cover much else. Perhaps because I’m an Impatient Woman, I wished I could find one book with all of this stuff instead of having to read 10 or 15. The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant is that book.

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